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Pine and Strawberry are connected Arizona communities separated by a ridge named Strawberry Mountain. Both communities are at 5700+ feet elevation situated adjacent to the Mogollon Rim, a prominent geological feature of cliff faces quickly rises to over 6200 feet. The terrain is a large ponderosa pine forest and offers views looking into the Mazatzal Wilderness to the south and west into Fossil Creek, a designated wild and scenic river.

scenic view from atop the Mogollon Rim

“Mogollon Rim Panorama” flickr photo by Coconino National Forest https://flickr.com/photos/coconinonationalforest/36644001004 shared into the public domain using (PDM)

Like much of the Southwest US we have a fire season that threatens communities each year. Surrounded on all sides by the National Forest, fire danger is a real and constant threat to people who live here.

Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction Inc (PSFR), a community group dedicated to reducing the threat of catastrophic wildfire from burning our communities have completed numerous educational projects in our communities as well as obtained grants that have helped clean up over 500 acres of private properties. They operate a brush pit that allows community members from all of northern Gila County to dump brush for free one day a week. PSFR works in the surrounding forest with the local National Forest Service Offices to help build and maintain the healthy forest breaks around the community.

The PS Trail system is another way in which we add value to the forest around us. By building a place where the public comes to hike and bike we have improved the conditions of and increased access to the forest around us. A recreationally impacted forest will gather more federal attention and funding when it comes to projects, improving forest health and reducing fire threat.

Men with picks and tools working on a forest trail

“Trail Gang” flickr photo by cogdogblog https://flickr.com/photos/cogdog/17840141238 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

PSFR started working on the non-motorized trails in the area in 2009. At that time most of the trails had been virtually abandoned and had not received any maintenance for many years. Mark Flint of Southwest Design Solutions was hired to help re-route and lay out our first trails. The International Mountain Bike Association provided a trail building class and help breaking ground on our first new trail. Since that time we have built and maintain about 20 miles with more being laid out.

The terrain around here is rocky and steep every trail has some of each. We boast that this area is the birth place of all rocks and all rocks come from Pine/Strawberry! Most of the rock is the Coconino Sandstone that makes up the cliff faces of te Mogollon Rim.

We work hard to hold all of our trails to graded and to be sustainable. We are working on creating stacked loops and other connector trails so that you can gain access to the system as it works your way around the communities.

Our trail system is new and has been funded through grants and/or the Fire on the Rim Mountain Bike Race held each September and the Pine Trail Run held each May.

Sign reading "This Trail is Open to" with symbols for horse rider and hiker

“Open as in Trails” flickr photo by cogdogblog https://flickr.com/photos/cogdog/33828333294 shared into the public domain using (CC0)

If you are interested in learning how trails are made, join our trail building crew with work days scheduled several times a month (see our schedule for upcoming trail work projects). And, of course, there are many other ways you can support the PS Trails effort. Very soon we will have available a collection of PS Trails merchandise you can purchase with all benefits going to trail building.

You can also help PS Trails from where you are right now – just go to the Donate button at the bottom right corner of every web page on this site.

Thank you for being interested in the PS Trail system. We hope to see you out there soon.

Featured image: A Trail Beta Tester flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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