How To Use the Trail Map

The overall system map displays all trails in the system, and is available from the Trails menu item across the site (individual trails are listed below the menu).

The map is navigated like standard Google Maps, using the zoom buttons in the bottom right to move in and out as well as using click/drag to move laterally. The system map is designed to help you locate a trail, clicking it’s pin or label will provide details on a specific trail.

You will have to zoom in and move the map to find the label for one map. The top menus can help you filter the maps that are displayed:

  • The trailhead locations menu will filter the map for ones with trailheads in Pine or in Strawberry.
  • The trail types menu filters the map by:
    • Access trails are short ones that provide a way into other trails for local neighborhoods.
    • Connector trails are medium length ones that provide routes for an alternative way back, providing a looped outing on PS Trails.
    • Scenic Rim trails are the longer ones that provide experiences that truly give a sense of what the landscape here has to offer.
  • The trail distances menu can help you pick trails by their total length.

Any menu can be reset by choosing the top --all-- setting.

You will also find locations on the maps for our local business sponsors (we are always looking for more).

Below the map is a list of all single trails that can be browsed by name and distance; the background colors of the single map name matches it’s color on the map.

A single trail listing provides more details information, for example see Pine-Strawberry Trail 15.

The top of the map includes a brief description and stats on the trail.

Top information of a single map

Below is the map itself which can be fully navigated to explore in detail. Above the map are a few extra tool buttons.

Left to right, these buttons include:

  • Left side buttons:
    • (double arrow) return to the main system map (see all trails)
    • KML and GPX download can be used to get a map data file that can be loaded on your own GPS device.
    • Embed provide cut and paste HTML to put this map in your own web site.
  • Right side buttons:
    • (recycle symbol) If you have zoomed in too far and panned away from the map, this button restores it to the default view centered on the trail.
    • (X symbol) Display the map full screen on your device. Press escape to return to the map page.

Below the map is an elevation profile of the trail, darker color segments indicate steeper sections.

Elevation profile of Pine-Strawberry Trail 15


Next is a bit of trail description so you can know what to expect to find there, as well as links to maps on other sites for the same trail.

We then have some photos of the trail– and we are always seeking more. Please email any trail photos to indicating the name of the trail, and how you would like to be credited.

Finally, at the bottom of a trail page are links to other ones that the current trail connects with.