New Trails enabled by the The Fire on the Rim Bike Race

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While our regular trail work has been focused on the sections used in the Fire on the Rim Bike Race, the money raised from last year’s race is enabling dramatic new trail in Pine Creek Canyon.

Tom Stenerson has been working hard on mapping the route and working with the contractor we were able to hire to clear long sections of new trail Last Sunday Tom took a few of us out to marvel at the new sections.

The old trail for one Creek Canyon trail went up the rocky path, the new trail on left

In the photo above, Tom shows the different in the old trail, which was rocky, washed out, and went up and down the drainages. The new trail contours a route that will be sustainable over time. There are a number of ravine crosses that might have been impossible with hand tools, that now provide great hiking and biking to those that want to explore Pine Creek Canyon.

The new section weaves smoothly around a deep ravine (to the right)

You can see it too. We started at the Good Enough Trailhead at the end of Manzanita Trail in Pine (this route too will be improved soon too).

About 0.7 of a mile you will reach the junction with the Pine Canyon Trail- if you go to the right, you will find new trail and that leads all the way back to the Pine Trail head. We went to the left where you can enjoy a long reach of new trail and spectacular views of Pine.

With each year the Pine Strawberry trail is rapidly expanding into a network of scenic trails for hiking and biking, much of it made possible by the support of the Fire on the Rim event.

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  1. What sections of the trail have been redone with this new trail? I tried to ride from Bearfoot to good enough last year & it was terrible? Is this the section that was redone? If so, I’ll be back to try it out.

    Thank you for the trails up there!!!

    1. Post

      Hi Jesse. This new bit is about 1.5 miles from the Good Enough junction towards the Bearfoot. There are still undone sections from the Bearfoot go this new part, and the Good Enough is also due for makeover. I am working on a new site that will have much more detailed info. Thanks for riding here! If you have not planned on it, please consider riding this years Fire on the Rim

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