Pine-Strawberry Trail 15

The Pine Strawberry Trail has a little bit of everything; beautiful fall foliage, easy access from town, and some technical challenges for the mountain biker. Learn more about this trail below or explore the rest of the PS Trail system.
  • Distance 3.97 miles
  • Time 1 h 30 min
  • Speed 2 mph
  • Min altitude 5,692 ft
  • Peak 6,040 ft
  • Climb 719 ft
  • Descent 958 ft

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  • Distance Instructions

The Pine-Strawberry Trail runs approximately 4 miles from Hwy 87 to FSR 428 (Hardscrabble Road). This trail is part of the Fire On The Rim mountain bike race held the middle of September each year. Funds from this event are what are used to buy tools, equipment, and pay for crews to build us new or improved trail.

Trail 15 is best ridden from the Strawberry Trailhead (off of Highway 87) to the end in Pine on Hardscrabble Road but can be ridden either way. Major re-routes have eased many of the highly technical sections for mountain bike riders but still leaves plenty of challenges.

Late autumn hikers will find stands of glorious red maple leaves on sections in the middle.

The Mohawk Trail provides an alternative entrance/exit route.

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Photo Credits: Alan Levine

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  1. I’m crazy about the hidden groves of red maple trees that burst into color in late October, November. It’s far from one expects to find in a Pine Forest, they seem to be in sections of Trail 15 about half way in, where the trails duck in and out of drainages across the mountain.

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